June 4, 2009

community supported agriculture

We picked up our first community supported agriculture share from Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce!!!

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is like a seasonal subscription to a local farm. You give a farm money before the growing season begins and the farm agrees to give you a share of their bounty each week throughout their growing season. CSA's are beneficial to small time, local, organic farms for many reasons. They provide money to the farmer up front when they need it for seed and equipment. Having a pre-arranged client base helps the farmer predict how much to grow and what their profit will be. They don't simply rely only on sales at the farmer's market that may vary from week to week. Risk is also reduced for the farmer because you pay for a share of what is grown. If it is a bad growing season you will get less produce than anticipated but if all goes well you will get a bounty (see above photo).

As a consumer, you have the benefit of really knowing your food and your farmer, building community and smaller economies, and being well fed with deliciously nutritious, super fresh produce!!

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