November 9, 2013

more pottery!

Not bad for my third and fourth pieces of pottery.   :)

2013.11_pottery (1)

2013.11_pottery (2)

2013.11_pottery (3)

Also, we finally got a digital SLR camera!  Yay for depth of field!  I have been wanting a DSLR badly for at least five years now, but there always seemed to be some financial hurdle to overcome (paying off college, paying for a wedding, buying a house).  With a baby on its way, though, we're going to want to savor those precious moments as best we can.  Plus I figure we'll be saving money if you compare buying a nice camera to taking a child to a professional photographer every few years.  Think DIY, people!

November 3, 2013

pumpkin pie brulee

2013.10_pumpkin pie brulee
Everybody's doing it!  And I think with good reason - this is a tasty food fad.  Honestly, I have never enjoyed pumpkin pie until this pie.  What changed?  The crisp caramelized sugar top makes things so much more interesting and in this case it was paired with a chocolate crust.   If I haven't sold you yet, doing a brulee means you get to play with fire!  I used a recipe from Bon Appetit though next time I will make a less fussy chocolate crust.