January 10, 2010

red clover sprouts

We are very lucky to have many small organic farms in Boulder. Some of these farms even have greenhouses. This means that during the warmer winter weeks we can ride our bikes out to the edge of town to buy local chard. But for those weeks that we are not so willing to make the journey for fresh greens, we grow red clover sprouts in our very own kitchen!

1 T. red clover seeds (makes ~3 c. sprouts)

Soak 1 T. red clover seeds overnight in cool water in a glass jar covered with cheese cloth and a rubber band (or you could buy metal mesh or plastic lids sold specifically for this purpose). In the morning strain out the water and place the jar in a bowl open face down but at an angle so that air can still circulate in there. Store away from direct light and rinse 2 or 3 times a day for 3 days (or more in winter).

If you unfamiliar with sprouts, you can use them in things like sandwiches.

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