November 13, 2010

pickle soup

I am 100% polish american. When I visit family in Milwaukee, I usually end up going out for a meal at a polish restaurant. As a vegetarian this usually leaves me to choose from eating potato pancakes or pierogi. I am quite content with this situation but one polish restaurant I went to had pickle soup and I was totally thrilled. Seriously, who thinks up pickle soup?! Ah my ancestry...

onions, potatoes, pickles, veggie broth, sour cream, fresh dill

Cook the onion in oil until transluscent. Add the potatoes, pickles, and veggie broth. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. Blend. Temper sour cream and mix it in. Add some fresh dill.


  1. That Pickle Soup looks delicious... but I have a question of the not-so-delicious variety.

    How do you store your pantry goods to keep the bugs out?

    I have had a problem with the little buggies that come from flour getting into everything! My flour/sugar/loose grains are sealed airtight so they are good now, but these little things get into my crackers and granola too!

    I am in humid New Orleans, so I'd like to blame that and my lack of kitchen fan more than my general nastiness. I'd also take any recommendations for DIY and people/dog/earth friendly kitchen pest elimination.


  2. those are flour weevels. you need to freeze flours and grains for 3 days before storing them in airtight containers.

  3. A stupid question, but how do I tempur sour cream?

    Thank you!

  4. since the sour cream is cold and the soup is hot you need to temper the temperature so that the milk product does not curdle. put your sour cream in a bowl, add a bit of the hot soup, stir, add a bit of the hot soup, stir, add the warmed up sour cream mixture to the main pot of soup. voila!

  5. How many pickles?? How much onion??

  6. let's see... I used a medium onion, about 8 small yukon potatoes, a whole pint of homemade pickles and 4+ cups of veggie broth.