January 10, 2011

pumpkin pupusas

We finally slaughtered the larger of the two pumpkins we got back in October. It stored just fine on our kitchen counter. I say slaughtered because the process brings to mind the process of slaughtering a turkey (probably a bit easier and less messy though)--cut it open, take out the guts, and save the precious and tasty organs (seeds). The photo above is our 16 quart pot almost filled to the brim with pumpkin!

And what better way to celebrate the freshly processed pumpkin than with pumpkin pupusas! They are so easy to make. We used the recipe from the Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons. Basically you just mix masa harina with pumpkin or squash, grated cheese, and some water, form into patties and fry...very fast once the pumpkin is already cooked. Delicious with refried black beans, hot sauce, and sour cream!

1 comment:

  1. Pumpkin papusas sound amazing! I got to eat a papusa for the first time last month & fell in love. Now time to definitely make some. mmm!