March 18, 2011

spaghetti and nutballs

Eric recently made really tasty nutballs for a vegetarian meatball sandwich. I had a craving for more except this time on top of spaghetti.

I went to work in the kitchen and I wrote down a recipe for what I did and everything but I have to say that Eric's nutballs were a lot tastier than mine. He made his nutballs with TVP (texturized vegetable protein), walnuts, bread crumbs, etc. I made mine with navy beans, peanuts, walnuts, bread crumbs, etc. My nutballs were crumbly and dry. His held together and and had a nice texture. Alas. I will not bother you with my recipe, just a nice picture. Oh, but I do want to say that fennel is key no matter what you do.

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