April 17, 2011

millet: it's what's for dinner

Colorado grows over half of all millet in the U.S. As people who are always on the look-out for more local grains, we were excited to learn this fact from a piece on Colorado Public Radio. Millet has long been used for food around the world (roti flatbread is made from millet flour and couscous was originally made from millet), but has been mostly known as a component of birdseed in the U.S.

I made a mexican-flavored millet stew loosely based on this recipe. It turned out so, so creamy and tasty. The bursts of coriander are my favorite. We used: millet, veggie broth, beans, corn, frozen roasted hot pepper, parsley, garlic (all local), as well as cumin, coriander, onion, oil, and topped with salsa.

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