October 26, 2011

unripe tomatoes

2011.10_green tomatoes
We picked 10 pounds of lingering green tomatoes off our plants (4 heavy producers, 4 light producers, 2 non producers). Just in time--there's now 6" of snow on the ground!

Now begins the quest to find uses for these 10 pounds of unripe tomatoes. We will definitely bread and fry some of them. Leave a comment if you have a favorite way to eat unripe tomatoes!

Here's round one: Green Tomato Cake!
2011.10_green tomato cake


  1. Put the green tomatoes in a box with a apple and banana. You will be eating tomatoes for months. Be sure to check-in on the box contents every two days and toss out any mushy ones.

  2. Put them on a plate in a sunny window and they'll turn red!