December 19, 2011


Eric and I went to the Denver Handmade Homemade Holiday Market back on December 10th.  We saw it advertised through the Denver Urban Homesteading group which is a group I keep meaning to check out...

The HaHo Market is really interesting because it seems to successfully subvert legal blocks on cottage industries.  It does this by requiring that anyone who attends the market be a member. Conveniently, membership is free and registration laptops are set up at the entrance. There is a little check box at the end of registration that says "By signing up for this free membership you acknowledge that nothing at this market has been approved by the health department or regulated in anyway and that you assume all inherent risks."  Not sure how people might be able to apply this tactic in other states (maybe consult a lawyer), but its something to look into if you really want to sell your jam that was cooked in a regular kitchen rather than a commercial kitchen!


  1. This sounds like a great market! I'd love to see one of those around here. Interesting about the politics of safety surrounding it, though.

  2. Indeed! The politics seem to vary by state. Michigan I hear allows cottage industries to be unregulated if the seller sells less than $15,000 a year ( Where are you located?

  3. New York City.. I want to look into this! I think it may be allowed here?

    This video seems to explain New York cottage industry laws pretty well.