January 13, 2012

barn owl saison

2012.01_barn owl saison label

This marks our 6th homebrew! Yes, I know, we are very leisurely homebrewers. Most people who are into homebrewing seem to have a new batch of beer going at all times. C'est la vie, we do what we want.  An avid homebrewing friend of ours gave us the recipe for this saison (complete with all his notes in the margins). For those who are unfamiliar with this style of beer, it tends to be a little tarter and a little spicier than your average pale ale.  The old timey version was a really low alcohol beer  brewed in the winter for summer farm workers to stay hydrated (think 3% abv compared to bud light which is 4% abv). Boring! Modern home, craft, and mirco brewers aim for saisons with a higher alcohol level (5 - 8% abv).  Cheers to that!

2012.01_barn owl saison brewing

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  1. I'n jealous! How fun! Love the little barn owl drawing too. Never heard of a saison, though; very cool.