February 10, 2012

homemade peanut butter

2011.02_homemade peanut butter 
I made peanut butter for the first time! It wasn't even my idea, it was my friend Julie's. Seeing as we are both named Julie, our future peanut butter business should probably be called PB&J&J.

We roughly followed Alton Brown's recipe: nuts, honey, salt, oil, food processor.  The flavor turned out really good though we had to add quite a bit more oil than the recipe called for to get a decent texture.  Maybe the nuts I chose weren't fatty enough?  Let the experiments begin!


  1. Nice! I also made peanut butter for the first time a couple of months ago because I bought a food processor and peanut butter is hard to come by in Ukraine. I also had to add more oil than the recipe I used. Overall, I was quite pleased with the taste and happy to have a constant source of natural peanut butter :)

  2. It looks irresistible, did you eat it by the spoonful?