April 7, 2012

coffee can chimney grill starter

2012.04_coffee can chimney starter for grilling
It's grilling weather! I've struggled getting good coals for grilling, but not anymore. Most of the time when I grill, I only need a small amount of coals for grilling veggie sausages on our mini-grill (it doesn't take much). A chimney grill starter is a great way to heat up a small amount of charcoal. I made one out of a coffee can, just by opening both sides. I have not yet tried making holes in the bottom to improve air flow, though I hear that helps.

This time I actually just cooked the sausages on a grill on top of the can. After they cooked in a minute or two, I threw some potatoes in foil in the can and covered and a few hours later I had some nice baked potatoes.

Tip: look for a can that isn't painted, otherwise you'll get noxious fumes until it all burns away.

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