May 28, 2012

backpacking in lost creek wilderness

2012.05_backpacking lost creek wilderness (1)

2012.05_backpacking lost creek wilderness (2)

We just went on a 2.5 day backpacking trip in Lost Creek Wilderness.  It was the most physically challenging trip I've personally done because of the vertical gains and losses especially on our longest 10 mile day.  The whole loop was about 24 miles and one source says it is about 7000ft gross elevation gain and loss.  Despite all of that effort, the hike was well worth the views of monumental rock formations and varied ecosystems.

And don't worry, we ate really well.  We divided the meals amongst friends who love good food.  Eric and I were in charge of lunch the first day (arugula and radish on buttered baguettes with grapes and nuts), breakfast the second day (home fries with tofu veggie scramble), and breakfast the third day (granola with powdered goat milk, dried fruits and nuts).  In retrospect, we could have gone with more dehydrated foods to lighten our loads on all of those switchbacks but, hey, it was a short enough trip.

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