November 10, 2012

calendula salve

2012.11_calendula salve
I'm not sure how effective this healing salve will be since Eric made it from an oil that I infused with a friend about a year ago, but hey better late than never?  The salve is made of beeswax, olive oil, calendula (from the garden), chamomile, comfrey, lavender, and plantain. Next time we will slip in some vitamin E. 


  1. I was surprised at how little beeswax is needed to get it to solidify: about 0.3 to 0.5 ounces beeswax for a half cup of oil.

  2. I'm super curious about this type of homemade salve--must try. Must grow some calendula too. And I just realized I probably have a lump of beeswax in with my totally unused bookbinding supplies...

  3. Eileen- Calendula was really easy to grow....especially the second year since it self seeds a lot if you don't keep on top of the dead heads.