December 17, 2012

blueberry infused vodka

2012.12_blueberry infused vodka
Cheers!  Na zdrowie! За здоровя / Za zdorovja!

This blueberry infused vodka (aka horilka) finished infusing just in time for a whole hearted cheers!  Cheers to what you say?  To our buying a house in Wheat Ridge, CO!!  Here we come perennial edibles, bees, chickens, home energy improvements and more!!!!!

3 cups blueberries (we happened to have frozen around)
750 mL vodka

Soak blueberries in vodka for 3 - 6 weeks in a large glass jar.  Shake things up every once in awhile.  Strain the infused vodka into a fancy bottle.  Serve.  Also maybe figure out what to do with your leftover vodka blueberries.  Probably don't put them into pie as the solo fruit.  Too much alcohol!

1 comment:

  1. mmm, that's some nice looking horilka :) congrats on the house! looking forward to hearing about your new projects and chickens!