June 30, 2014

cloth baby wipe spray

2014.06_cloth baby wipe spray

What's with this blogging hiatus?!  Well... we had ourselves a baby!!  We also built a chicken coop, got chickens, restructured our covered porch, started a garden, planted grapes, hung a bee swarm trap, installed a patio, brewed beer (galactagogue oatmeal milk stout), brewed apple jack, hosted family, and ate many tasty meals.  We will catch you up on some of the highlights in a bit, but first I want to do a little record keeping and post the recipe for the cloth baby wipe spray that we've been using.

16 oz. filtered water
1/2 oz. olive oil
1/2 oz. baby soap/shampoo
a couple drops of tea tree oil

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  1. Yay, baby! congratulations! Hope you guys are staying happy & getting some sleep. :)