July 6, 2014

how to adjust Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads

2014.07_sprinkler system spray adjustments 01

2014.07_sprinkler system spray adjustments 02

With all of the changes we've made to our yard, we've needed to make adjustments the sprinkler system that came with the house when we bought it. Eventually we hope to convert a lot of the heads to drip but for now we have capped a few and adjusted to spray direction for many.  This post is really just a note to self for how to adjust the spray heads next time since we have to look it up every time and use trial and error.

Our sprinkler heads are Hunter Pro-Spray.  There are different colored heads which indicate reach, and how narrow or wide of an area the sprinkler can cover.
  1. To set the left edge of the coverage area, twist the silver ring counter-clockwise until you hit the spot.
  2. Twisting it at least 360º will reset the spread angle to the minimum, usually 90º.
  3. Then twist the silver ring clockwise to expand the spread to the desired angle.
From what we've read the screw on the top should adjust the distance the sprinkler spray but we did not see much of a difference when we tried it.

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