March 9, 2010

ethiopian wat

Wat what? It's thick Ethiopian stew. Wats come in all sorts of flavors. Eric and I made a simple red lentil wat and a winter squash, chard, berber wat. We also made injera, a sour flat bread akin to crepes. Injera is actually the reason I crave Ethiopian food. Our injera was all teff flour which is supposed to be more authentic, but I am accustomed to the white flour/teff flour mix in our American Ethiopian restaurants so I think that's what we'll make next time. Oh, and it is important to know that you will not need utensils for your meal because you simply grab food with the injera.


  1. i based the wats and injera from this site -

    i used the injera ingredients exactly but let it sit 3 days instead of 1. like I said though, some white flour would have been nice. maybe it would have made the injera more thin and pliable...

  2. your post inspired me to make red lentil wat, i just finished eating it, delicious! i'm glad i bought red lentils in italy, and now i have a great dish to eat them with. instead of injera i ate it with armenian lavash.