May 19, 2010

ipa yeastcake bread

We transferred our IPA to a secondary fermenter and I decided to try using the leftover yeast cake to make some bread. I just added some flour and water to the yeastcake to make it into a sponge (I added some bread yeast too), which I fermented until I felt like making bread. It doesn't have much of a hop aroma because this was before dry-hopping, but it is sooo bitter! ...and tasty, especially with marg and honey.

I also saved the hops for future experiments. Got any good recipes for reusing homebrew hops?


  1. i barely got through one bite. i'm told it's an acquired taste...

  2. I made a loaf with Magic Hat #9 clone yeastcake. OMG so bitter. Putting marg, garlic, salt, and nutritional yeast makes it tasty though!