October 21, 2010

multimodal camping

I'd been wanting to do this carfree backpacking trip for two years--we finally did it, so I wanted to document it here. 17 mile bus ride + 5 mile bike ride + 5 mile hike!


  1. Tell me more, did you guys have a town or spot you knew you would lock your bikes at?

  2. We just locked them to a tree at the trailhead, which was not very ideal. It was actually pretty difficult finding a good tree that wasn't on a slope.

    This particular trailhead is very busy and car parking is always a problem on weekends--there's almost always a line of cars parked half a mile up the dirt road. A bike rack would not be a bad idea. There's actually talk of extending the bus service all the way to the trailhead to reduce congestion and parking problems.