October 25, 2010

pickling and canning

bread and butter and sweet gherkin pickles

pickled grape tomatoes
loosely following Cajun Chef Ryan's recipe

tomato sauce!


  1. Hey there Julie, your pickled grape tomatoes look just like the ones I did, I wonder how "loosely" you followed my recipe! Have you tasted them yet. We waited about 6 weeks before opening and they are the best little gems, great in salads too.

    Bon appetit!

  2. "loosely" meaning that we didn't have enough apple cider or any white wine vinegar so we used apple cider, distilled white and red wine vinegar. also used dry rosemary instead of fresh and probably double the garlic that you called for.

    we haven't tasted them yet, we're waiting for winter. i can't wait! thanks for sharing your recipe!