July 24, 2011

making wine

2011.07_wine making (1) kit
Here at d.i. WINE and dine, we finally got around to buying and brewing wine from a kit. Years ago we made a pretty basic tasting wine from grocery store grape juice. This time we sprung for a wine kit from the local homebrew store. The kit cost $95 and should produce about 30 bottles of wine. That means that each bottle will have cost us about $3. Not a bad deal at all.  And as you'll see below, it was super easy to do - easier than mead or beer making.

First step (optional but highly recommended) invite your friends over! 
(that's our friend Peter)
2011.07_wine making (2) bentonite
Then sterilize your brewing equipment,
add warm water to your brewing bucket, 
and add packet of bentonite.

2011.07_wine making (3) bentonite
(bentonite!? weird)

2011.07_wine making (4) juice
Pour the grape juice into the bucket.

2011.07_wine making (5) juice
And try not to spill.

2011.07_wine making (6) cleaning crew
Otherwise your dog will try to help you clean up.

2011.07_wine making (7) oak
Add a bag of oak chips.

2011.07_wine making (8) grape skins
Add a bag of grape skins.

Then measure the specific gravity. Pitch the yeast. Put the cover and airlock on the brewing bucket. Wait a week for further instructions.

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  1. I never tried that kit. I'm sure it will be great.