August 23, 2011

bringing in the tomatoes

2011.08_garden tomato harvest
We've started bringing in the tomatoes. For the record, the Amana Orange have been doing the best, although they have been cracking. Still delicious though! I'm a little disappointed in our four Roma plants--how do you get them to ripen all at once? I'm not sure if they are determinate or indeterminate...


  1. Oops: "Pruning and removing suckers from determinate tomatoes is not recommended." (

  2. That is about what we are pulling in every three days. What are you making? We have five dishes that we eat during tomato season before we get sick of them and start canning/drying.

    1. pico-de-gallo
    2. mozzarella / tomato / basil / balsamic / honey sandwiches
    3. pasta fresca
    4. gazpacho
    5. bruschetta

  3. We do a lot of open-faced tomato/basil/garlic/(balsamic)/(mozzarella) sandwiches too (my favorite meal) as well as other sandwiches. I'll have to try it with honey.

    We haven't made these recently, but I like panzanella and Fried Tomato slices (tomatoes, cornmeal, eggs, salt).

  4. We had the same issue with our Romas. We thought they were determinate, but apparently not.