August 23, 2011


You know the story about using all parts of the buffalo...well, we did that with our watermelon:
2011.08_dehydrated watermelon
First: dehydrated watermelon slices. This is pretty energy intensive and impractical since watermelon is 92% water, but the dried watermelon slices make very sweet fruit leathers.
2011.08_pickled watermelon rinds
Next, I pickled the watermelon rind. I just cut off the dark green skin and soaked in salt water (1/4 cup salt per quart of water) overnight. They taste like salty cucumbers--really good! I used the recipes from Dave's Garden and pick your own dot org.

2011.08_roasted watermelon seeds
Finally, we roasted the seeds that I picked out.

P.S. Best watermelon recipe I've ever had.


  1. We got the idea for the watermelon gazpacho from "The Med" in Boulder.

  2. Cool, we'll have to try it there, but seriously I don't think you could beat your recipe. Our friends made it for a watermelon good!