June 22, 2012


2012.06_garden work
Here's what our garden looks like these days. Some notes:
  • Lots of calendula flowers. There were lots of self-seeded volunteer calendula sprouts since we didn't dead head that much.
  • Lots of volunteer sunflowers as well. We kept two, one of which is the tallest plant in the whole community garden!
  • Our onions (from sets planted in spring) seem to be doing really well. They all bloomed, which is less desirable since it makes the onions worse for storing. The flowers taste pretty good though.
  • The sage and oregano are both doing really well.
  • We are continually harvesting lots of lettuce and arugula.
  • The chamomile is recovering quite nicely.
  • Tomatoes are doing better after feeding them Foxfarm "Grow Big."
  • Peas are doing well. Not really climbing their structure as much as we'd hoped. We cut them back a bit to make room for beans.
  • We've been letting purslane grow as a live mulch and beneficial companion plant.
Here's a recent harvest:
2012.06_a recent garden harvest


  1. Perfect weather for a nice cold glass of tamarade (tamarind lemonade)!

  2. That all looks amazing! Our tomatoes haven't come in yet, but they're flowering now, so we're getting hopeful.