June 21, 2012

raw flaxseed crackers

2012.06_flaxseed crackers
I've had flaxseed crackers at a few restaurants and decided to try making them myself. I followed this recipe: 2 c. flaxseeds, ~2 c. water, 1/4 c. tamari, and whatever flavorings you like. Mix all ingredients and soak flaxseeds for 2 hours or more, adding additional water as necessary. You'd like the soaked mixture to be a pourable goo, but not too runny. Then spread thinly (~1/8") on plastic dehydrator sheets ("paraflexx" or "teflex") and set to 110ºF. Dehydrate for 4–6 hours, then flip and dehydrate for another 3–4 hours. Our used dehydrator only came with one sheet (fine for a halved recipe), so I had to improvise: I cut parchment paper into circles with holes in the middle.

2012.06_dehydrating flaxseed crackers  2012.06_dehydrating flaxseed crackers
The parchment paper actually ended up working better than the plastic sheet! It allowed the bottom to dry more and made flipping much easier. A doubled recipe (4 c. flaxseed) will fill 5 levels of the dehydrator.

My favorite flavorings to add are lime juice and chili powder. I did one batch with lots of black pepper, liquid smoke, and fennel, and I swear it tasted like beef jerky (or at least tofu jerky).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. We have made these every weekend since I read this post. I discovered your blog about a month ago, Googling some recipe (I can't remember what at the time) and have been following it ever since. I am really enjoying it! :)