September 2, 2012

watermelon lime float

2012.09_watermelon lime float ingredients
I spent a leisurely afternoon at my neighborhood public library.  Among other things, I perused food magazines and spotted this watermelon float recipe in Bon Appetit.  Yum!!  It's a good thing I have plenty of watermelon at the moment!

The basic idea is to make watermelon juice by cutting up half a watermelon, removing the seeds, blending the remaining watermelon chunks, and straining out the pulp.  Then with your fresh watermelon juice, you add simple syrup, fresh lime juice, a pinch of salt, seltzer water, and lime ice cream.  Bon Appetit suggests flavoring Greek frozen yogurt with lime yourself, but since my grocery store already had key lime graham gelato on sale, I skipped that step.
 2012.09_watermelon lime float

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