October 8, 2012

Mushroom Cultivation Class

2012.10_mushroom cultivation workshop
This weekend I attended a Mushroom Cultivation Class, led by Jared Urchek of MycoSophia. Jared, who trained with Paul Stamets, is a knowledgeable and passionate teacher, which made it a great class.

We learned how to inoculated straw for growing in bags indoors, as well as how to inoculate logs with plugs and wood chip beds for outdoor mushroom cultivation.

It was hands-on so we got to try doing it all:

2012.10_mushroom cultivation workshop_straw
Spreading mycelium mass into pasteurized straw.

2012.10_mushroom cultivation workshop_logs
Hammering inoculated plugs into logs.

I took home a kit with straw inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn. Jared sells kits and spawn for many varieties of mushrooms--I look forward to trying some of the others in the future!

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