March 13, 2013

johnny rye ale (with caraway)

2013.03 caraway rye ale
We started our next batch of homebrew! Here is the recipe:

Johnny Rye Ale with Caraway
Ingredients for 5 gallons – Extract with Specialty Grains
7 lbs amber malt extract
1/2 lb 60L crystal malt
1/2 lb rye
1/2 lb flaked barley
1/2 oz Northern brewer hops 45min
1/2 oz Northern brewer hops 30min
1/2 oz Summit hops 15 min
1/2 oz Summit hops 5 min
2 T. caraway seeds, crushed and toasted
I used liquid Irish ale yeast, but just about any ale yeast should be fine.
Additional caraway infused in vodka to be added to taste at bottling

Recipe adapted from Hounddog 

Caraway is not a typical brewing ingredient, but I am just so excited about including it in a rye beer. It makes perfect sense.

The nice thing about brewing when there's snow on the ground is you can use it to chill your wort! It's not any faster than the ice and sink method, but it means you don't have to make or buy ice.
2013.03_snowpile wort chilling

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