April 9, 2013

ancient sprouted wheat bread

We have a bag of wheatberries that we've been trying to use up. I found a recipe for bread that uses sprouted wheatberries and that's all–no yeast, no extra water, no extra flour. The recipe is from Mother Earth News and we've been calling it "ancient grain bread."

To make it, you sprout wheatberries in a large jar:
2013.04_sprouted wheat

Grind the sprouted wheatberries (we used a hand crank meat grinder):

2013.04_grinding sprouted wheat

Form into a log and bake for 2.5 hours at 250ºF. The result is a sweet and chewy bread that goes well with salted butter:
2013.04_ancient grain bread

Full instructions can be found at Mother Earth News.


  1. Chewy and sweet. A lot of effort but worth doing once because it is interesting