April 23, 2013

installing a door sweep

2013.04_door sweep
I installed a door sweep on our back door and now the slate floor in front of the door stays so much warmer. There's a major gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold. The door sweep was easy to install, just requiring a tape measure, hacksaw, scissors, and drill.

This exterior door is in the laundry/mechanical room. We keep the door between the this room and the kitchen closed most of the time to avoid pulling in carbon monoxide-laden combustion air. The mechanical room has two 6" diameter openings for make-up combustion air, so the door sweep won't have a significant air-sealing energy impact, but it sure makes the floor more comfortable to walk on. We'll replace this inefficient solid-wood door eventually, but we'll be able to reuse the door sweep on the new door.

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