December 19, 2009

laptop bag

I finally gave in and bought a sewing machine. I had been looking the past year at garage sales and on craigslist, but I couldn't find anything to my liking. Meanwhile, my list of clothes repairs and craft projects had been growing. So one cold and crafty afternoon I walked over to the fabric store where they were having holiday sales. I ended up walking home with a brand new sewing machine.

This laptop bag was at the top of my craft list. I had been transporting my laptop to cafes wrapped in a pillow case stuffed inside my backpack or purse. I mean, this method works fine, I just was getting a little tired of all of the extra pillow case fabric. Also, I was totally jealous of a friend's homemade courdoroy laptop bag... FYI, I love buttons. I have a small collection. I really like the one I picked out for this project.


  1. got me going to make me one!...thanks for the idea