July 4, 2012

flowers is mine

2012.06_echinacea and calendula flowers
As mentioned in a previous post, flowers are blooming in abundance in our garden this year. This is our first echinacea flower, which was slow coming but finally here! I like watching all the bees that like the flowers.

Here's a honey bee slurping an onion flower:
2012.06_bee and onion flower 
That's going to be some pungent honey! Just like chive flowers, onion flowers are tasty for humans too.


  1. Very interesting flowers! I didn't know that about the edible onion flowers. What about the echinacea flower? Do you dry the petals to make the tea?

  2. Echinacea tea typically uses either just the roots, or all parts of the plant. So hopefully, someday we can harvest the roots.