July 7, 2012

wegeterianski in warsaw, poland

What? Eric and I are in Poland!?

Mostly we came all the way out here to spend time with a friend who lives in Ukraine, but since we were already flying to Eastern Europe, I wanted to take the opportunity to explore Poland and my Polish heritage. Somehow I managed being born 100% Polish American. A mix of great grandparents and great great grandparents came over to the States. Unfortunately the language and most of the cultural connection has been lost on my generation. But hey, here I am now!

Obviously (considering I have a food blog), I love food and I connect to places and people via food. In a country that has classic meat-centric dishes, being vegetarian (wegetarianski) could feel sort of limiting. Thankfully large cities like Warsaw and Krakow are progressive enough to have vegetarian Polish restaurants! Note to self: just do a little advanced research on where to eat and things are gonna to be alright, even superb (and you won't be stuck eating at tourist traps)!

2012.07_Miedzy Nami in Warsaw
@ Miedzy Nami in Warsaw
brie and sundried tomato sandwich
cold beet yogurt soup

2012.07_Green Way in Warsaw
@Green Way in Warsaw
soy cutlet in brown lentil gravy served on buckwheat groats
tvp (texturized vegetable protein) goulash served on barley

2012.07_Biosfeera in Warsaw
@Biosfeera in Warsaw
potato-vegetable cakes covered with a chanterelle mushroom sauce


  1. Looks like you ate quite well on your trip! Can't wait to hear about it!