July 12, 2012

street food in krakow, poland

2012.07_street food in Krakow_lody
lody (ice cream)
We went twice to a place that is known for its constant line out the door. Wild strawberry, blueberry, and delicatesy (dried fruit and nuts) were my favorite flavors.  The fruit flavors tasted so much like real fruit!

2012.07_street food in Krakow_obwarzanki
obwarzanki (related to bagels)
Word on the street is that bagels originated from Jewish communities in Krakow, Poland.  If obwarzankis are the ancestors to New York style bagels, then I personally would choose the modern bagel over an obwarzanki any day.  Good filler none the less.
2012.07_street food in Krakow_zapiekanke
zapiekanke (pizza bread)
We only took notice of this night life street food because of the excessive lines for it at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz. They offer all sorts of toppings but the classic is an open faced bread baked with mushroom spread and cheese and then topped with a sauce. We went with garlic cream sauce instead of ketchup.

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