July 17, 2012

wegetarianski in krakow, poland

We've mostly eaten and leisurely wandered our way through this vacation.  In Krakow my favorite places to eat were Cafe Młynek, Glonojad, Momo, and Massolit.  Massolit is bookstore with a small cafe menu that includes garlic bagels, quiche, and espresso.  Perfect for breakfast.  Momo offers delicious vegetarian food that tends towards Indian rather than Polish, but honestly, that can be a welcome change of pace.  Cafe Młynek and Glonojad have thoughtfully diverse menus that include interesting vegetarian Polish dishes some of which you can see below. 

2012.07_Cafe Mlynek in Krakow_bigos
@ Cafe Młynek in Krakow
sauerkraut and mushroom bigos (hunter's stew)

 2012.07_Cafe Mlynek in Krakow_pierogi
@ Cafe Młynek in Krakow
cranberry filled pierogi

2012.07_Glonogad in Krakow_fried cheese, spinach crepe, salads
@ Glonojad in Krakow
spinach nalesniki (crepe), fried smoked cheese with buckwheat groats, a sampler of salads including green bean, carrot, beet, and maybe kohlrabe, and lentil filled pierogi (not shown in this picture)

2012.07_Glonojad in Krakow_potato pancakes with Hungarian ragout
@ Glonojad in Krakow
potato pancake with Hungarian ragout


  1. Cranberry pierogi, you say! V. INTERESTING.

    One of my college friends (a 1st-gen immigrant) made sweet nalesniki for us once and they were perhaps the best thing ever. I can just imagine how much better the Polish food is in actual Poland.

  2. The bigos at Cafe Mlynek is fabulous. It is always my meal of choice in this delightful place in the heart of Kazimieirz