June 4, 2013

dandelion coffee

2013.06_dandelion root coffee
Why feel guilty about the weeds in your backyard when you can harvest them??  As an apartment dweller not long ago, I urban foraged the weeds along the sidewalk edges of people's lawns.  Now I have plenty of weeds in my own backyard!  Though, of course, I might like to have a little more intentional growth as well someday...

We recently had a whole lot of bushy dandelions that were thriving.  I pulled them and harvested the roots for roasted dandelion coffee.  It makes for a neat variation on your standard cup of coffee - sort of like chicory coffee in New Orleans. 

I followed instructions from Prodigal Gardens.


  1. Woah this looks good. This inspired me to try something I'd been wanting to try for a while... ground peanuts mixed with ground coffee (peanutbrew).

  2. I was going to say that sounds gross (like eating coffee grounds mixed with peanut butter) but I guess people eat chocolate covered espresso beans.

    The dandelion root coffee definitely reflects the bitterness of coffee. I can imagine why dandelion root was once used as gruit to give bitterness to beer, before the use of hops became widespread.

    1. Also a friend recently told me about making a dandy-coffee ice cream shake.