June 13, 2013

simple and delicious lettuce tofu wraps

Julie and I love eating lettuce wraps this time of year. There have been days when I ate wraps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mix it up with whatever is handy: beans, hummus, olives, etc.

Heat up a tortilla for 20 seconds and put on some olive oil and nut. yeast: 2013.06_wrap1

Lay on some thin slices of firm tofu (yes, not cooked, but it is good!): 2013.06_wrap2

Cover with more nut. yeast and season with cayenne, garlic powder (or my favorite, sambal oelek): 2013.06_wrap3

Pile on as much lettuce, arugula, purslane, etc. as you can fit: 2013.06_wrap4

Roll up and enjoy:

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