June 13, 2011

are we crazy?

Yes we are. But we always knew that.

This time we are crazy because in addition to having our very first garden, we decided to continue with our participation in a CSA (community support agriculture). We will have veggies coming out of our ears!

If you're unfamiliar with CSA's, all we had to do was find a local farm that offers a CSA, pay upfront for an entire seasons worth of veggies, and begin collecting our weekly installment of veggies this week! CSA's benefit farmers because they provide cash early and reliably. They benefit participants because you share in the bounty of successful years and you develop a more personal relationship with the farmer.

This year we got a CSA with Isabelle Farm. We had planned to continue with Pachamama Organic Farm but they couldn't deliver to the Boulder farmers this year meaning that we would have to ride our bikes out to the farm once a week - quite a commitment. Ah well. Based on our first week of CSA produce from Isabelle Farm, we should still have an excellent year of CSA veggies!

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