June 13, 2011

warm crop transition

As we've mentioned, we've been harvesting a lot of arugula, lettuce, and radishes. I think it turned out to be pretty good timing; the arugula was bolting and the radishes were beginning to get pithy--just in time for warm crops to be planted. We planted 10 tomato plants (4x Roma, 2x yellow pear, 2x Amana Orange, 1x Czech, 1x mystery) with water walls for cold/hail protection.

lessons learned for the spring crops:

-if seeds don't sprout when you expext they should, don't hesitate to replant
-using row cover seemed to help get seeds started in colder weather
-carrying jugs of water 2 blocks to the garden before water is turned on is a pain but worthwhile in getting spring plants established
-don't plant crazy amounts of arugula! plant more spinach instead
-bush sugar snap peas are growing better for us than the pole/climber version
-chinese rose winter radishes grew way too much foliage; plant more globe radishes next year (though the globe radishes had a low germination rate)

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