June 24, 2011

lemon infused vodka

Also known as - - - limoncello. I personally associate limoncello with the summer I spent in Rome studying architecture and urban planning. Eric, however, thinks that limoncello is "probably the most cliche liquor for 'foodies' to talk about making." Great.

We made limoncello! Oh my god! It was so exciting and amazing! We put lemon peel in a jar of vodka! Actually, we did stray a bit from most of the recipes we found online. Instead of zesting the lemons, we peeled them with a vegetable peeler, hoping to make candied lemon peel with the leftovers later.

As for all of that fresh squeezed lemon juice that needs to be utilized? We threw together these lemon poppy seed muffins. There still is a lot of juice left though... Maybe we'll make lemon curd next.

2011.06_lemon poppy seed muffins

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